A client recently gifted me the book Porn Art by Dahmane featuring Chloë des Lysses.  He handed it to me saying, “This is the French queen of anal sex for the Bay Area queen of anal sex.” Yes, this man has got me pegged and knows me well. The book features artsy black and white photos of Chloë with insertables in her derrière as if they’re not even there.  It’s just her, casually being beautiful with a large dildo inside her rear accompanied by captivating nonchalance. The photos are tasteful and classy even in their perversion. This is the essence that I wish to bring to you in person when we engage in play—an essence of natural and classy perversion.


Anal play has occurred as long as humans have fucked on this Earth but is taboo in our society. I don’t find it taboo at all and I genuinely enjoy it. Chloë in Porn Art is so fantastic because not only does she look comfortable engaging in anal penetration but it also looks natural and normal; she takes the taboo out of it. For her, like me, putting things in her behind is no big deal and is actually a rather pleasant experience. It shouldn’t be a big deal to engage in that form of pleasure. 

(Chloë des Lysses in Dahmane's  Porn Art )

(Chloë des Lysses in Dahmane's Porn Art)

I am grateful I have yet another way to experience sexual ecstasy through penetration as I have trained my body to enjoy it with ease. My relationship with anal play has evolved over time and I have a deeper level of enjoyment now after years of exploration. My anal journey began while I was in college. I had acquired a nice collection of dildos for hot strap-on play with a girlfriend whom I dated for a few months. I decided to experiment one day as I was home masturbating. I used a smaller dildo from our collection, lubed it up, lubed myself up, and lowered myself onto it.

There’s the initial “holy shit!” feeling when you begin to engage in anal play. This can also be the reaction to the first sensations of entrance if you’re rusty or if a partner (or insertable) has a particularly large girth. That jarring feeling subsided quickly as I focused on my breathing and relaxed. So I kept going and it was great! I used a vibrator on my clit and I got off...hard!

As my anal journey progressed I figured out how to stimulate my G-spot from behind (the tissue between the rectum and vagina is very thin!) and have added a multitude of toys to aid in this form of pleasure. I love using butt plugs alone or with a partner. Pulling gently on it as my clit is pleasured adds a wonderful sensation that creates sensual warmth all around my nether regions. Using a butt plug adds to a tighter sensation during intercourse. I can reach climax through anal penetration alone but it also pairs perfectly with clitoral stimulation. I simply adore getting penetrated from behind – it hits that magic spot deep inside.

Helping men experience their magic spot is also one of my specialties. It is pain-free and pleasurable when anal play or training is done slowly and sensually. The act of working one up also builds trust between us; this intimacy leads to a deeper and more intense session and overall climaxes for all. Therefore, I am a versatile and experienced Anal Queen in regards to receiving and giving but if you only want to give and not receive, that is fine with me! Just gently massaging the rosebud, even without penetration, can add a whole level of sensation to our play! I look forward to experiencing hedonism together: up mine, yours, or all hail to the Anal Queen!