Follow me now and you will not regret

Leaving the life you led before we met.

Black Sabbath

If I had to choose an archetype I identify with, it would be the classic femme fatale. I am the seductress and I always have been. I radiate sex even when I try to behave it is in my nature. Even sitting in church as a teen I’d watch men stare as I crossed and uncrossed my legs, which I enjoyed immensely, or I’d make eyes at the minister’s son across the pews. I just cannot behave nor do I want to! I have always been consumed with enjoying my physical self and finding any excuse to be naughty, anywhere and anytime. I believe that Ramona Ryder is my destiny.

Mistress Ramona 05.jpg

Giving pleasure and harnessing my sexuality is what I enjoy most in this world and I am grateful to live a life where I can own my strong sexual nature. I love motorcycles, rock’n’roll, sparkling water, and traveling the world, but what it comes down to, in the end, is this: give me sexual pleasure or give me death. Pleasure rules me and I have resigned myself to a hedonistic lifestyle.

According to Asterian astrology, I was born under the star Hades and this star is ruled by Venus. Hades represents the underworld and Venus, as most of you know, presides over love, beauty, desire, and sex. Venus is all about pleasure, especially pleasure shared with someone else. Being born under this alignment has definitely caused my life to be filled with strong sensual energy.

Hades Triangle Divine Feminine.png

Depending on what mythology one follows, the symbol of Hades is a triangle. The triangle is also the symbol for the vagina and the divine feminine. The triangle references three stars that are also known as "the Buckle of Isis" and were perceived by ancient astrologers to be portals between worlds. So, may I act as your gatekeeper between the world of restrained society and my underworld of debauchery…please take my hand and come with me!

Your Mistress, 
xx Ramona Ryder

"Now I have you with me, under my power

Our love grows stronger now with every hour

Look into my eyes, you'll see who I am

My name is [Ramona], please take my hand"

– Black Sabbath