Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself.

Ramona Ryder

I usually wake up naturally before or with the sun and I always sleep naked. I begin my days by luxuriating in my Frette sheets as I run my hands over my warm body; feeling my hard nipples, smooth skin, the coolness of the last vestiges of the night’s air gracing my exposed flesh as I watch the blue winter sunrise sneak in through velvet curtains. As I lie there I feel grateful for another day. Many mornings, as I reacquaint myself with being awake, I touch myself.

Starting the day with an orgasm is my secret to my good disposition. Sometimes I orgasm in my sleep which is always so dreamy- it’s amazing how powerful our minds can be! After I have indulged in the warmth of my flesh, I get out of bed, put on a black silk robe, and happily begin another day. As a woman who is devoted to experiencing and giving pleasure I surely have no reason not to delight in my daily existence.


I am truly spoiled between the pleasure that I give myself and the pleasure that is bestowed upon me. But what I love most is giving pleasure to others as this pleases me deeply- I am a very giving woman. So this holiday season treat yourself to some lust indulgence with this Mistress. What better gift to give yourself than the gift of pleasure? I am very naughty but also very nice so spoil yourself my dear as we’ve both earned it all year long. We'll have so much fun immersing ourselves in pure carnality no matter what we get up to! In lust we trust and you can always trust this Mistress to consummate your desires.

Your Mistress, 
xx Ramona Ryder

Are you naughty or nice? Either way, we both get spoiled in the end so indulge my wish list and please your Mistress by surprising me with a gift or donating to a favorite charity. ‘Tis the season for giving, right? Or spoil us both all night long during an overnight and start your day off right by waking up next to me!