Well, you tried it just for once found it all right for kicks

But now you found out that it's a habit that sticks

And you're an orgasm addict, you're an orgasm addict.


I discovered how to masturbate at the age of thirteen. I was reading a woman’s magazine and it explained masturbation and how to touch oneself. So I tried it and it workedit was as if I had just breathed for the first time! I felt so alive. Just the touch of my index finger on my clit was enoughI don’t even remember fantasizing about anything in particular. After that, I was hooked. Being multi-orgasmic, my masturbation sessions could last for hours.

To this day, I’m still that person who masturbates in airplane bathrooms and back in the day when I still had a desk job, I’d go masturbate in the bathroom at work to quell the monotony. Sometimes I wouldn’t even wash my finger after as I got a perverse satisfaction out of being able to smell my sex as I went back to typing on my keyboard. What can I say? I’m a Pervert with a capital “P."

My pleasure has evolved since that discovery of the magic created by my teenage index finger. I enjoy involving others in my pleasure and exploring with my partners. I have evolved to an intense love of internal orgasms and I can also cum anally. I’ve gotten close from nipple play, too! Exploring my sexuality and getting in touch with my body is a constant mission of mine. I am always gaining a deeper understanding of the range of pleasure that I can experience.

My ideal escape with one of my men is to hole up in a hotel room, even just a night’s getaway in some neat historic San Francisco hotel room, with no other agenda than to luxuriate in bed. Hopefully we’d at least get a full day together with a late check out. Endless pleasure with no pressing time constraints as we drift in and out of sleep to fuck, cum, and eat room service. A real escape into a lovely bubble of hedonism for two, our own little oasis quenching that deep thirst inside.


But back to masturbation: maybe you wonder what I fantasize about and the thoughts that push me over the edge? Sometimes I watch porn but I’d rather lie back and close my eyes. Though I actually find it easiest to cum being on all foursass up, head down. My top favorites for mental masturbation that send me over the edge within a few minutes are these three:

One: Being bent over in a public somewhere (outdoors, bathroom sink, over a motorcycle) with my mini skirt pulled up and your pants undone, just getting fucked from behind savagelyeither hole! With spit involved.

Two: The thought of a man masturbating simultaneously as he watches me or spies on me (I love voyeurism!) or me masturbating him and watching that cum pour out of his cock, running over my hands. Just the thought of a cock twitching and releasing itself in me is a huge turn on. I love mutual orgasms! I love the image of cumming! I love cocks!

Three: Women squirting. I am a rare squirter and if you have experienced it, consider yourself pretty special.

I am squeezing my Kegels rapidly or holding them tight while these images and fantasies do tape reels in my dirty mind. This causes me to orgasm every time. Anyone who has had sex with me knows that not only am I tight but I have these magical vaginal muscles that literally extract powerful orgasms from the cocks that worship at my temple. I cum with my Kegelsit’s part of the Ramona package.

Pleasure is not only my primary vice but also my primary skill. I am a dominant lover through and through but my pleasure is derived from your pleasure too. I don’t have a good time unless we’re both having a good time…

So on that note, looking for a good time baby?

Your Mistress, 
Ramona Ryder