Hello There,

Looks can be deceiving as you found out if you've met me in the flesh and expected a cold Domina. Anyone who has experienced kink with me knows I'm a lover and not a sadist. And anyone who has had an Amour session really knows that I'm a passionate woman! I simply adore a steamy Amour session where we only focus on riding waves of pleasure.

I recently received this email from a client:

The style of your online photos tends a bit toward the cool and distant/remote side, so I expected that there might be at least a hint of that in our dynamic, especially for a first-time encounter. NOTHING about your presence with me was cool, distant, or remote. It was supremely titillating and moving for me- your spirit/energy, lively presence, and your level of engagement/intensity was unforgettably surprising and unforgettably fun.

If you have met me, you know I'm more the "gothy-looking" girl next door than some actual cold and distant femme fatale. The first thing you're greeted with when we meet is my smile. The comments I get most is that I look better in person than my pictures and that you did not expect me to be so darn nice! No matter what experience we shared together, the end result of every session is that I left us both smiling...

Your Mistress,
Ramona Ryder