Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. Theophrastus

I am sure you can tell from my straightforward presentation and stellar reviews that I cut to the chase and only mess around when we're, well, messing around! I deeply value clear communication prior to our encounter so that I can get every detail ready for when you walk in the door. I put a lot of planning into every bespoke session and due to this, we have many chapters to our time together, no matter how long.

My creativity knows no time restraints! Part of my preparation for a session is the ritual of getting dressed. I love encasing my long legs in retro-style silk stockings and fastening them to a sexy garter belt. To complete the look, I of course don some Agent Provocateur lingerie to complete the look. I love getting my attire just right and ensuring your heart skips a beat as soon as you see me. Whether wearing a school girl outfit, vinyl nurse's uniform, latex, or simply classic lingerie, you're in for a wild ride!

Time is not a luxury that can be taken for granted so I make the best use of every second we have together. This means planning before our encounter so that we can immerse ourselves once our time has come as we've looked forward to it with anticipation for what felt like so long. Therefore, our moments will be seamlessly prepared and indulged accordingly. My time is limited due to high demand and I understand my men also lead successful and busy lives. This careful planning is me showing respect for your time. I make a great effort outside of session so that I can deliver that Mistress experience accordingly during every second shared.

Sometimes we cannot set aside decadent hours together and can only "fit each other in." It is important to indulge no matter what and make time for our sacred encounters. I believe our sessions are a necessary self-care as they energize and restore my men so they can work harder, feel clearer, and be less stressed after release. I enjoy meeting my men early in the morning to kick-start their day off right or as a well-deserved treat before they head home. I also love it when my men take a restorative lunch with their Mistress as I’m the perfect way to break up a workday. I relish hour-long and 90-minute sessions where we can be fully present and forget the day together.

Our time may have flown by but it was time well spent. Time together may never feel enough whether an hour or a vacation together, but I love that lingering lust and anticipation for the next time! There’s nothing like a passionate hour…oh, the things we can do in an hour! Endless time together could never cure your hunger for this Mistress, but we all know that hunger is the best sauce...

Your Mistress, 
Ramona Ryder