The word “dominatrix” conjures up all sorts of images for most of you reading this. Maybe it brings to mind a stereotype of a cold, domineering woman in thigh-high boots, sadistically torturing a helpless male as she laughs at his pleas for mercy. Or maybe you’ve actually seen a domme or two and enjoyed your own bespoke session where you got to safely explore whatever kinks lie deep within your perverted heart. Whatever the terms “dominatrix” or “domme” bring to mind, if you have not yet seen me, then be open to a new image seared into your memory and get ready for a wild ride. As your Mistress, you’ll still have some pretty vivid memories, even if you just see me for straight GFE.


I started off in tantra-based sex work and tantra will always be my foundation. When I started providing prostate stimulation, strapon play, fantasy fulfillment, and domination in my early days, it always had a sensual and compassionate edge. My first blog post was based on a session quote from a sweet masochist, “You inflict pain with such love, Mistress.” I’ve had men try and get me to humiliate or shame them and it was always inauthentic when I tried; my session settings are based in something far from anything mean-spirited and I don’t enjoy activities that border on cruelty (minus therapeutic impact play and some sensual CBT). If I don’t enjoy doing something or mean it, it is pretty obvious. I have strong connections with my men because I genuinely adore seeing those whom I grant the privilege of sessioning with me. I’m a Mistress whose heart is truly in it.

I have always advertised myself a dominatrix in addition to providing escort services and happy endings, but if I had to label myself for non-SEO and advertising purposes, I am more of a service top and a kink expert. Because I am an escort, many “pure” dommes would not consider me a dominatrix or a dominant at all, and in many ways, they are right. Sex can be considered subservient and I aim to please you as much as I use you for my own pleasure. A service top does not fit into the typical BDSM relationship dynamic of dom/sub or top/bottom as we enjoy topping in accordance with our partners’ desires, which is considered a submissive act because, instead of pure dominance, we are fulfilling our partners wants and not just our own. Luckily for me, when I fulfill my partners’ desires, I am bringing myself deep satisfaction and therefore everyone is happy.


I enjoy providing and controlling the experience, but as stated earlier, I only enjoy myself if you enjoy yourself. A sadist is one who has no regard for their partner or bottom. I can border on being a sensual sadist at times, but only if I’m dealing with a masochist who has a raging, dripping hardon the whole time. All these BDSM terms get complicated and if you’re super vanilla and don’t understand half of this, that’s OK. I enjoy vanilla, too and we can have a good time without any bells and whistles, baby! As for being a kink expert, I am highly trained in safety procedures, bloodborne pathogens, anal play, and so much more as you can see from my Kink FAQ. Maybe kink expert sounds too scary for you? Well then, you can call me a sex Goddess, how’s that?

Sex Goddess, vanilla GFE, kinky companion, alternative escort, travel partner in crime, service top, carnivorous dinner date, sensual dominatrix…it’s all a part of what I offer. I am a non-judgmental counterpart in a safe setting who is helping to facilitate unique experiences that we’ll both remember forever and use as masturbation material for years to come. The lucky men who have seen me know the range of delights of which I am capable. Those who have yet to session with me might not know what they are getting themselves into, even after reading my website- specifically my session descriptions and my FAQ.


What can you expect from a non-BDSM session from me? If you request an Amour session then we will have a truly present and intimate connection that is a passionate and steamy romp and probably pretty GFE-esque depending on how intimate you are open to being. I had a gentleman recently say that he was hesitant to meet me because he thought I’d find him boring as he was “vanilla.” This is far from true! Yes, I do post more on my Twitter about kink because it is hard to capture the intimate, sweet, tender moments in a session or adequately describe a mind-blowing orgasm- those are for us and our private memories. If you have specific requests for Greek or other specialties of mine, then it may get a little spicier and bordering PSE, less vanilla, but still not veering into the world of BDSM. I assure you that staying in this realm is a total pleasure for me. Amour sessions can also include light prostate pleasure, working on orgasm control and delay if you are a quick shooter, and navigating erectile dysfunction as I have some tricks up my Agent Provocateur lingerie.

If you request a Kinky Amour session then get ready for your requests to be executed to the letter. It’s times like these that I wish my reviews on TER and Nightshift were still public as they vividly described some of the mischief I got up to before SESTA/FOSTA got them removed from the internet. But, PrivateDelights has some less graphic but still solid reviews of my session style. Some of my favorite kink sessions involve dirty talk, latex fetish, leather love, bondage, sounding, tease and denial, edge play, cock and ball bondage, latex vacuum bed fun, sensory play and deprivation, flogging with soft deerskin to stingy rubber, impact play, spanking bad boys, needle play, foot worship, trampling, nipple stimulation, sensual direction and topping, switching with partners I know and engaging in moderate to heavy PSE, and my most favorite kink session activity being role play.

I adore role play and that is probably one of my strongest offerings. I love to plan in advance and get into character from the first moment. I have an entire room at my incall dedicated to outfits such as office attire from my days as a paralegal (think pencil skirts, button downs, and glasses), nun outfit, nurse uniform complete with the hat and a stethoscope, police uniform, headmistress uniform, school girl outfit complete with plaid skirt, knee socks, and pigtails, club wear, and so much more! I also adore fetish wear requests for things such as OTK boots, latex, leather, stocking and garter worship, and any Agent Provocateur or Bordelle you wish to worship me in. With me, the possibilities are endless for what our session could entail although I do have hard limits, but some of these are flexible with established men i.e. public play or touching my face. Regarding the outfit requests, I have gone so far as to wear a disposable button down so that my inappropriate boss during an intense role play could literally rip my shirt open- it was a fantastic session and I’m still finding buttons all over my private incall!


Start thinking about the possibilities for our time together and let’s make our fantasies come alive. In the end, Mistress Ramona Ryder cannot easily be defined but neither can you. We are all complex, sexual creatures who are evolving and exploring- I just hope we can continue to do it together. So, take my manicured hand in yours and trust me as you’re with a true expert.

Your Mistress,

xx Ramona Ryder