My favorite shoots are always in Los Angeles. I have a dream team down there who I like to work with; it makes shooting feel more like vacation than work. Although, I must say, it's still not easy holding poses while balancing on sky-high Louboutins all day! My partners in photographic crime consists of my photographer Elizabeth Raab and Gwen who does my hair and makeup. My first shoot with them in 2016 was a perfect match from the beginning even though none of us had ever met, we all came together beautifully as a team. Gwen styled me to look more 1950s pin-up and curled my normally straight hair which made me feel so sexy! We totally channeled Bettie Page in that shoot and Elizabeth gave great direction as a photographer.

Mistress_Ramona_Ryder_SF_San_Francisco_Escort_Dominatrix_Domme_femdom_san_francisco_los_angeles_vintage_pin_up_leopard_bettie_page_bangs .jpg


We played around with more fetish fantasy and got videos like this during our second shoot together.

The Chateau Marmont shoot was one of my favorites. I'm obsessed with old Hollywood glamour, art deco (Chateau Marmont was built in 1929), and the excesses of a rock'n'roll lifestyle. If you know the history of this legendary place, then you'd understand that this was Ramona's dream land. It reminds me of the Breakers in Palm Beach but with beautiful people instead of stodgy old money. You can feel the history of debauchery in the bones of the entire place- let's just say there has been a lot of naughty behavior there! John Belushi died of a drug overdose in the now infamous Bungalow 3, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin drove his motorcycle through the hotel, Jim Morrison may or may not have fallen off the roof, Billy Idol trashed a hotel room there, and hot messes like Courtney Love have definitely pulled their antics there. While taking photographs on the grounds we got scolded by hotel staff but we still got away with some killer shots. We could not have done that shoot without my loyal lifestyle submissive who captured some teasing video of me, much of which is yet to be released. Expect to see more videos of me throughout 2018!


The next location was at my famous private incall and dungeon, Electric Ladyland, with Kristin Cofer, Gwen, and my submissive. She is a friend of friends and I am a fan due to her gorgeous work with artist/musician Chelsea Wolfe.

Mistress Ramona _ Electric Lady Land 5.jpg

The most recent shoot was months in the making. I wanted to find the perfect backdrop to capture the true essence of Mistress Ramona; I found it in a gothic castle in the Hollywood Hills/Laurel Canyon. Elizabeth is very resourceful when shooting in confined spaces like hotel rooms but this space allowed us a lot more creative freedom to tell stories through her lens. Here are some spoilers for my yet to be released photos and some behind the scenes shots of your Mistress:


I'm already plotting my next photo session. I just bought a new pair of Louboutins for it and still have an arsenal of virgin lingerie waiting to be seen (and removed) by you. The gothic castle shoot lasted two days and it was a total dream come true in so many ways; thank you for enjoying this fantasy life with me! I had the opportunity to session at the castle and it was so memorable hosting my Los Angeles men in such a magical space.

I look forward to making your fantasies come true whether at Electric Ladyland or during one of my upcoming tours to Osaka, Kyoto, New Orleans, or New York City. Oh, and Los Angeles I plan to be back this year, for sure!

Your Mistress, 
xx Ramona Ryder