I have always been interested in the art of seduction. Physical attraction, sexual power dynamics, nylons, corsets, lingerie, fetish, BDSM, and anything deemed taboo have bewitched me for as long as I can remember. I recall watching Disney movies and obsessing over Ariel’s bikini top, appreciating the way her scaled hips moved, and also wanting to emulate Jessica Rabbit. Before long, I was admiring Morticia Addams, who is more a reflection of my current reality. My online persona is a curated version of me but ultimately, Ramona Ryder is no act, although I am famous for my sessions involving role play.


I am passionate about my vocation and have no doubt that being your Mistress is my true calling in life. I get to explore my sensual interests and live by the pleasure principle versus having to compartmentalize myself like I did when I still had an office job. I have no boss and I only session with people whom I genuinely want to see. I have a firm rule with myself to not let a financial transaction be the sole or driving factor as to whether or not I decide to see someone. I don’t let anyone into my sacred space, much less touch me, unless I truly want to engage. Since I only see new clients whose initial communication with me has sparked a feeling of connection, the likelihood that we’ll have more in common than just lust is greatly increased. Written communication is your opportunity to make a good first impression, but ideally it can be the onset of our foreplay. After all, the sexiest part of the human body is the mind.


I always get a few butterflies before seeing a client. Whether it’s an initial encounter or our 25th dinner date, it feels like the first time for me every bespoke session- I put the same amount of care and effort into each meeting. I generally avoid men who make a habit out of seeing a lot of women. If you’re a hobbyist out there sport-fucking everyone, then there’s little chance for a valued connection. If you find yourself scheduled to see me then consider yourself special. I am selective for my own safety, but also because I like the idea that seeing a provider can be meaningful experience. I will figure out what makes you tick given the opportunity and I hope that we get to keep ticking together for a long time to come.

Your Mistress,
xx Ramona Ryder


TO PROVIDERS: I recognize that I am privileged in an industry where many women don’t feel they have the luxury to pick and choose with whom they get to engage. Whatever your circumstances are, I hope that you can make it a priority to trust your intuition when deciding to see a new client. My current suggestions for screening are to request two provider references from clients from providers with websites or verified online ads. Most providers request that the references provided by clients have been seen within the past year. If they have no references then I request LinkedIn account information and a photograph of their driver’s license with their full name, date of birth, and a photo visible (all other information can be blocked out). I have a specific section on my FAQ that addresses what you could do with clients without provider references. Some providers opt to call men at work to verify their identity and employment status, but I find this method to be invasive and potentially problematic, so I don’t personally use it. In addition to the above information, I also use VerifyHim and SafeOffice to screen clients to see if they are on any national blacklists for time-wasting or more serious offenses such as stalking, harassment or violence. Truthfinder has been suggested as another resource, but I can’t yet vouch for it as I have yet to use it. If you have any questions on how to screen potential clients, or on how to use any of the aforementioned resources, then please don’t hesitate to direct message me on Twitter or Switter. Hugs and stay safe out there!