• New clients are to complete an application for an appointment prior to discussing a possible session.

  • After confirming a time and date for our session, there will be a non-refundable deposit fee paid in advance (see Tribute & Deposit section below) and then we can start planning and discussing details. Do not send a deposit until it is requested.

  • Confirmation of our engagement is required two (2) days prior to session via email.

  • Please always reply to the last email exchanged between us and never create or start a email new thread. Please wait for my response to the last email sent before “double” emailing me. Creating a new email thread or writing me when I have not yet replied to the previous email is a surefire way to upset your Mistress!

  • All clients will shower on site prior to session even if you claim you just showered.

  • Always be sure to do an enema prior to session if we are to engage in anal play beyond a finger or small toy (see Hygiene section for directions on proper administration).

  • I DO NOT DO SAME OR NEXT DAY APPOINTMENTS. Patience is the key to paradise with this Mistress!


I say "no" to others when I say "yes" to you. A non-refundable deposit of $60 per hour is required to reserve an appointment. If you need to postpone or reschedule you will need to pay an additional deposit for the new date even with generous notice. I am booked up in advance often so I will reiterate this fact: I say "no" to others when I say "yes" to you.

This fee is separate from my tribute and covers admin, incall, and/or travel expenses. For longer sessions or special engagements, deposit terms will be negotiated on a case by case basis. There is no real discount in my tribute breakdown for seeing me for a longer session as the experience doesn't cheapen the more time we spend together. 

Required deposits may be sent to the email address I will provide to you either by Google Wallet (Google Pay), Square Cash, Bitcoin (incurs a small fee), and Amazon gift card. My prefered method of deposit is in cash which can be paid in advance at the end of a current session for next time. If you do not feel comfortable sending a deposit electronically, then please purchase a physical Amazon or Airbnb gift card for the appropriate amount, scratch off the silver coating on the back, and send me the numbers underneath. In addition to typing me the numbers please also send a photograph of the code. These cards can be purchased at Walgreens or an equivalent store. BitCoin and PayPal are options for repeat clients. I do not accept Visa (or other equivalent) gift cards.

Never, under any circumstances, send me a deposit before we confirm our meeting; only send it after I clearly ask for your deposit.

Full tribute is expected at beginning of session to be left where I can see it first thing — I should never have to inquire about this exchange. My tribute amounts are clearly listed on my Amour and Kinky Amour pages. Please inquire directly about longer engagements and travel adventures. If you are an established client then you have the option of using an ePayment method and full tribute is expected at least an hour or more prior to our scheduled engagement. Please text me after this has been sent so that I can confirm the receipt.

All money is good money but larger bills are preferred; I will judge you harshly if I receive a plethora of 20s. If you feel you must put my tribute in an envelope, do not lick the envelope or write on the envelope!  I will reuse it as I send mail frequently.


I screen very thoroughly. Security and privacy are important for us to establish a safe, open, and honest relationship. It is necessary for my security to verify everyone with whom I may meet. My screening process is discreet and your privacy is very important to me. Any information given to me will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

I require a minimum of two (2) active and reputable provider references in the form of their name and email address. Reputable providers are those who are known to me, have a website (not just an ad), and usually have an established Twitter page. If you are new and have never seen a provider or have been absent from the hobby for a few years, please read on to the next section.

It is appreciated if you provide a link to their website in addition to their name and email address. If you only provide me with a link to their website, this will NOT do — I should never have to lift a pretty little finger to find their contact information. I find it insulting when clients only provide a website. Phone numbers mean nothing to me and if a provider cannot handle an inbox then they are not a reputable provider to me and you will need to find another way to get verified.

I personally do not speak to clients outside of email until they have been seen by me. A request to engage in any other manner with me via phone, text, or video chat prior to our first meeting will incur an additional fee. My assistant may text some clients during the initial screening when responding to an inquiry on my public 917 number seen in some of my advertisements.


If you have no references then, where you would enter provider references on my contact form, please provide me with the following: a link to your public LinkedIn profile and/or a link to a professional business website or both where your name and contact information are shown. If you do not have either, please write me a nice, courteous message explaining that you do not have either but offer other ways that you can prove your identity and make me feel secure that you’re not a jerk, pig, or serial killer.

Once your contact form is received, and if it looks like you are an intelligent and thoughtful human being, I will write back and request that one or all of the following be provided to me: a photograph of your driver's license with personal information covered or blurred out (such as your home address) but leaving your name, date of birth, and full name showing, a work ID with your picture, a photo of your business card, and/or an email sent to me (to a non-risqué email address) from your business email.

who i do not want to see:

I am not interested in men who lie about their impotency issues or emotional withholders and do not express pleasure. I enjoy men who express their pleasure as it increases mine.

If you have impotency issues please tell me prior to session as I have ways to circumvent this normal situation but I need to know prior to session. If you do not feel comfortable telling me this before session, then please find another provider.

Additionally, I need to know if you are obese as I need to make special arrangements especially for kink sessions. I see those of all body types and do not discriminate but I need to be prepared in advance for larger lovers.

Communication is the foundation of our relationship and I want a strong foundation!


  • I typically work 10am until 8:30pm, unless I am on tour, in which my hours are very flexible. Whether I am on tour or not, I will make exceptions for longer sessions that start very early or end on the later side if they are longer than two (2) hours;

  • I do not offer same and next-day appointments, especially to men who I have not already seen and rarely to those known to me; and

  • Meetings of four (4) or more hours are to include a meal and/or outdoor activity.

When I am booked or busy this does not mean that I am flat on my back 24/7. I am a low-volume provider who takes days off, does self care, and has an exciting civilian life. My lifestyle ensures that I am consistently a high-quality experience. It is not uncommon for me to be booked out for a few weeks at a time. Patience is my favorite quality in a client!


I have my own private and exclusive incall located in Gramercy Park in Manhattan. This location is convenient as it located near Union Square and I assure you that it is very discreet and private. As this space is not shared with any other providers, nor a primary residence of any sort, we will be the only ones in the space at all times. My incall fee is included in my tribute.

The bathroom includes a shower, mouthwash which I would like you to use, and a multitude of other hygiene products. Anything displayed in the bathroom and shower is for you to use as desired.

There is a parking garage on East 18th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues as well as metered street parking. I am not sure if there is unmetered street parking nearby.


I offer two (2) hour or longer outcall sessions in Manhattan and three (3) hour or longer sessions in Brooklyn and Queens. My flat rate deposit for these sessions is $200 to cover my time and travel fees. Three (3) hour outcalls or longer in Manhattan will have the $200 deposit applied to the session as I love long outcalls in Manhattan. If the session is four (4) hours or longer then I may require a larger deposit which will be determined based on the nature of our arrangement. Outcalls to other boroughs, Connecticut, New Jersey, Long Island, or elsewhere in the Tri-State area will be discussed on an individual basis.


I do grandfather rates for established clients when touring even though time is limited your loyalty will always be rewarded.

Lucky for you, unlike many providers when they tour, my tribute amount will remain the same when I visit your city. Just like when I'm home, I will require a $60 deposit per hour booked, which is separate from my tribute.

I require a three (3) hour minimum session to be booked for outcalls while touring. My deposit for these sessions is $200 to cover my time and travel fees. My time is extra valuable when I travel. If the session is four (4) hours or longer then I may require a larger deposit which will be determined based on the nature of our arrangement. These deposits are separate and non-refundable.

For Fly Me to You jags, I require my airfare costs and 50% of the total session fee to be paid in advance as a non-refundable deposit. If you cancel or have to move our date, even with a few days notice, you will still have to pay a new deposit to reschedule as so much time had to be set aside for this occasion. I require an additional and separate $500 fee for travel to the West Coast and $250 when traveling on the East Coast or to the Midwest/South. 

Domestic Fly Me to You Tribute:

Four Hours                    $3000

Six Hours                      $3500

Eight Hours                   $4000

Sixteen Hours                $5000

Twenty-four Hours         $6000

Forty-eight Hours          $11000


It is easiest for me to work with a clean slate even if you have already showered before coming to see me. Therefore, it is mandatory that you will shower upon arrival before we begin our session. Part of your clean slate is arriving scent and cologne free. You are also welcome to shower after session. Please arrive with trimmed nails and cuticles. Please also note that second day stubble hurts my soft skin. Please be clean shaven or have a beard or mustache but no stubble. I will provide mouthwash for you in the bathroom and alcohol-free mouthwash if requested. Please use the mouthwash as it is provided for a reason!

If you plan on experiencing anal pleasure more than just a finger, please use an enema prior to our engagement.

My strong suggestion is that you purchase a Fleet enema or any equivalent brand at your local drug store. In order to administer, empty the enema bottle of the saline solution, refill the bottle with warm water only, squirt upwards while sitting upright into anal cavity while on the toilet or squatting in the shower, and do not hold it in  release it immediately!  Repeat two or three times until your most immediate anal cavity is clean. I am not interested in clean intestines unless you are looking for a fisting! Please perform this an hour or two prior to session and not at my incall. 



Height: 5'9"
Weight: 116lbs
Dress: 2US/6UK/36EU
Shoe: 8.5US/39.5EU & Louboutin: 39
Bust: 32C
Waist: 24"
Hips: 33"

Please see my Wish List for further specifics.


Anything off my Wish List is a good start. I also adore mineral water and fresh flowers. I no longer drink alcohol, but feel free to bring booze if you wish for your own enjoyment; I want you to be comfortable and relaxed during our session. Not a lot phases me, so please enjoy yourself as much as you want and how you want, even though my right to party has been revoked and has not yet been reinstated.

do you want me to leave a review for you:

Yes please but ask first! PrivateDelights is a great place to do this.

Can i use you as a reference:

Absolutely and there is never a need to email me and ask for this privilege. You earned this in session!  Simply provide my email address to the provider you wish to see and never give out my number. I am always happy to let other potential providers know if that you were safe and gracious. That said, if I have only seen you once but you’re using me as a repeated reference, I suggest then that you use another provider with whom you are more familiar. Also, if I saw you last over a year ago, you may want to use another more recent provider but I will gladly still act as a reference.


I am open to requests but definitely have my favorites from goth in the vein of Bauhaus to surf music channeling the Pulp Fiction soundtrack to my favorite Iggy Pop mix. If you enjoyed what you heard in session or want to get a better sense of my musical taste then please visit my Ramona Ryder YouTube channel.

If you are hearing impaired or very sensitive to sound and music hinders your enjoyment of a session, please notify me prior so that we can begin the scene without interruption.


Lucky me!  I love newbies and it is my passion to help people explore their sexuality. Basically, I specialize in making fantasies a reality so please do not be afraid to bring your desires to me. My sessions are a judgment free zone. As one client stated in a recent review, I will really “go there” with you in a way that makes one feel safe and comfortable. Please read my reviews to get a sense of my composure in session.

will you leave marks?

I am very careful to not leave you visibly marked post session unless given clear permission or upon request. But, if you ask for harder in the heat of the moment, I will give it to you, and it is your responsibility to accept your body's reaction. Please notify me if you are on blood thinners or Aspirin therapy or if you have thin skin that breaks easily prior to our meeting. If you are worried about bruising, please take oral arnicaprior to session and buy some arnica cream for post-session application.



ANAL PLAY: Strap-on, Prostate Massage, P-Spot Pleasure, Dildos, Anal Hooks, Plugs, Stretching, Milking, Fisting, Extreme Anal Play, Footing, Pegging
BONDAGE & MUMMIFICATION: Wrapping, Immobility, Cuffs, Chains, Predicament, etc
COCK AND BALL TORTURE (CBT): Cock & Ball Bondage/Separation, Needles, Squeezing, Temperature Play, etc
COLLARS, CHASTITY, & KEYHOLDING: Rituals & Ownership, Slave Training, Total Submission
CORPORAL: Caning, Whipping, Flogging, Crops, Paddling, Straps, Belts, etc
CUCKHOLD FANTASY: Book me with my favorite stud Ruckus in NYC. Not in NYC? I have a collection of big dicks in different area codes who will show you who’s a real man. Want to experience DP or some forced bi? Let’s make it happen.
EDGE PLAY/ORGASM CONTROL/JOI: Let's see how long you can go, I can be quite a tease or torture with jerk-off instruction (JOI)
E-STIM, ELECTRO PLAY, & EROTIC ELECTROSTIMULATION: Tens Unit, Violet Wand, Neon Wand, Tazapper
FACE SLAPPING: Bare Handed or with Leather or Latex Gloves
FEMINIZATION/FORCED BI/CEI/SPH: Dress Up, Make Up, Stockings, Panties, Strap-On, Cock Worship, Gender Play, Role Play, Pegging, Little Slut, Beautiful Girl, Sissy Training, Cum Eating, Small Penis Humiliation
FETISH WEAR: Leather, Latex, PVC, Fur, Vintage Lingerie/Pin-Up, School Girl, Punk, Goth, Innocent, Age Play, Ballet & Thigh High Boots
FOOT & BOOT WORSHIP: Bare Feet, Feet in Fetish Stockings i.e. Cuban Heel, Ballet Boots, Thigh High Boots, Strappy Heels, Platforms, Trampling, Foot Job, Footing
LATEX & LEATHER: I love wearing latex and leather and I delight in wearing my amazing plethora of fetish and fantasy wear. There is a 90 minute minimum for latex sessions as they can be messy and slippery, but totally worth all the shiny fun!
NEEDLE PLAY/PLAY PIERCING: I am highly trained in needle play & bloodborne pathogen safety
NIPPLE PLAY & NIPPLE TORTURE (NT): Sensual to Extreme- fingers, teeth, clamps, other instruments
OCCULT: Ritual, Witchcraft, & Divine Feminine Worship
POST-ORGASM: Torture, Milking, & Reflex Stimulation
ROLE PLAY: Seduction, Forbidden Affairs, Student/Teacher, Doctor/Nurse, Religious Scenarios, Consensual Non-Consent, Puppy Play, Mother, Aunt, Taboo Family, Feminization, & More
SENSORY DEPRIVATION: Visual, Audial, & Vacuum Bed
SENSATION PLAY: Fur, Leather, Silk, Wartenberg Pinwheels, Ice, Wax, Heat, Cold, Spikes, Stockings, & More
SOUNDS: Urethral & Cock Jewel (with or without temperature play)
SPANKING: Bare Handed or with Leather or Latex Gloves, Over The Knee (OTK)
TEASE & DENIAL: Severe Edging, Orgasm Control, Strip Tease, Toy Shows (Clit Pumping, Insertables), Withholding, Begging
VACUUM BED: Become immobilized in latex with the perfect tease hole for cock access and tube for breathing (no neck gasket) an additional $100 fee applies for these sessions
VENUS 2000: Ultimate Masturbation Milking Machine (allows one to reach orgasm with or without an erection), Sybian
WORSHIP: Bare Body Worship, Smothering, Queening, Legs, Breasts, High Heels, Feet, Pantyhose/Stockings


You're not a masochist?  Then this sensual sadist will take it easy on you!  I only enjoy inflicting pain if it turns you on. If you enjoy bondage, I can strap you down, tie you up, or chain you up and pleasure you to no end all without pain. This is one example of a kinky scenario that is not "vanilla" but is still a sensual experience and falls under the Kinky Amour umbrella.

If you are a nervous but curious novice, I can ease you into experiencing anal play, pegging, spanking, flogging, paddles, crops, and so on. I have introduced many kink newbies to a range of anal, stingy, thuddy, and whippy sensations in a gentle way which helped open up the endless possibilities of what can be experienced during BDSM play.


I enjoy classic lingerie (Agent Provocateur and Bordelle are my favorites!), latex, rubber, leather, vinyl, PVC, and classic 1950s “pin-up” inspired pieces as well as actual vintage lingerie and accessories. I also adore a man who appreciates a good pair of stockings and I lust for Wolford nylons. Please ask me for my sizing for specific items or visit my Wish List if you’d wish to see some items I currently desire for session. For stockings and thigh-highs, I tend to be a medium and a small for all others.


Please tell me immediately if you have hard limits, psychological boundaries, physical limitations, or recent or lasting injuries as well as chronic pain. If you do not know what your “hard limits” are, be logical about it. For example, if you suffer from asthma you might want to tell me, “my hard limit is breath play — please do not choke me or suffocate me during session.”  If you are claustrophobic, your hard limit would be not getting locked in a closet or wearing a hood. Many men tell me immediately that they do not like toilet training, humiliation, anal play, spitting, or feminization. Think about it and let me know these important facts on the contact form. These vocalized limits will always be respected.


  • Toilet play

  • Ruby play

  • Photographs and filming on a device that is not mine

  • Bare back

  • Enema administration

  • Degradation of any race, gender, sex, sexuality, body type, or religion

  • Smoking & smoking fetish

  • Scent play for any session after 2pm

  • You wearing cologne (PLEASE DO NOT WEAR ANY!)

  • Multiple emails when I have not responded to the prior one

  • Long emails

Role Play:

I adore role play! It's even in my astrological chart that I was born to be an actress. That said, scripts and lengthy role play descriptions are NOT appreciated. Always be concise when addressing your Mistress! 

what are your favorite role play scenarios?

I love playing naughty Nurse Ramona or the inappropriate psychiatrist Dr. Ryder who will cure you of your specific kinks and perversions through multiple treatments and techniques. I very much enjoy medical play and wearing a uniform. I additionally enjoy student/teacher scenarios due to the power exchange involved where I punish you for a bad grade I received at your hand and put you through hell to raise my GPA. Or maybe I'm a sexually harassing boss or interviewer for that job you so desperately need. I can and usually will go to very dark places and do "taboo" scenes so just ask!  If I listed everything I enjoy doing, this list would be endless...


It took great effort endless hours to design this site in collaboration with my assistant. All the writing on the site is mine and mine alone. I am a writer if you can’t tell already from my blog.

My primary photos were shot by Elizabeth Raab, Inamorata, Victor Von, and Kristin Cofer. Other photographers featured in my gallery consist of Jackie of Gagged Fantasy.



If your new client used me as a reference and you need a reference from me, do NOT fill out my contact form. Please ask your potential client to provide my email address and contact me that way. 

When emailing me, please include the following information:

  • Client Name

  • Client Email Address

  • Client Phone Number

  • Link to your website and/or ads as to verify you as an established provider


If you are writing or rewriting your website, I suggest that you do not have another provider’s site open as you write your own ad copy as inadvertently, you will steal content. Stealing is never in good taste and rarely goes unnoticed.


I’d be happy to chat with you about screening, safety, and provide other resources. Hopefully you in turn will do the same thing with other women after you are more established. I will help only when asked and at my discretion. My biggest gripe in the industry is when women do not help other women. It is a community not a competition.