Have you been curious about trying flavors other than vanilla? Or maybe spicy is how you've always liked it. Either way, I'd like to introduce you to a feast of epicurean delights with this unique and highly trained Pro-Domme. I am not your archetype of cold and cruel Dominatrix nor am I a sadist. But, I love a good masochist! No matter what your level of experience, from a kink virgin to an seasoned player, I welcome all lovers of creative play and pleasure. Our time together will be crafted to your specific kinks and hard limits and executed with sharp precision. Every one of my bespoke sessions is catered just for you. Let's find your flavor together because tied and teased is bound to please!

I will take you on a wild hedonistic adventure. Are you curious about the combination of pain and pleasure?  Or maybe the combination of pain-free kink and a super naughty girlfriend experience? Kinky Amour is my unique umbrella term for whatever our imaginations can whip up together. I am creative with my methods and I delight in transporting my men to subspace and to realms of which they've never dreamed. This is my passion and I have made it my mission to help seekers explore non-traditional avenues of physical sensation and pleasure. I create a safe haven and I do not judge. Bring your deepest fantasies to me as and let's escape reality together.

If you are interested in exploring prostate pleasure then you have come to the right Mistress. I specialize in giving and receiving anal pleasure with ease. I am a bonafide libertine Goddess where very few things are off limits. Welcome to the ultimate naughty girlfriend experience of your dirtiest dreams! My rosebud massage and methods of prostate stimulation are quite the experience and custom to anyone from a total novice to experienced pleasure seeker.

Discretion is my forte. I am very good at not leaving my men marred or marked, unless given explicit permission. We will discuss boundaries and limits prior to session. Please visit my FAQ for a more specific menu of my expertise and BDSM offerings. Many answers to your questions can be found there so please read it with care before reaching out to your Mistress.


60 minutes - $700
90 minutes - $1000
120 minutes - $1340
180 minutes - $2000


There is a $60 per hour reservation retainer that is required prior to session and is separate from my tribute.

Please see Tribute and Hours sections in my FAQ.


Looking for more mild than wild?  Or maybe you're a bit nervous and want to get to know me better first?  
Then an AMOUR session may be what you're seeking. Anything you need, this multi-faceted Mistress has you pegged!